LeadKast is not just another CRM/Marketing Platform packed with a bunch of tools that you are left to go learn! LeadKast takes you by the hand with Weekly LIVE and Recorded Trainings, leveling the playing field, allowing you to now build, grow, and scale your business at a much faster rate!

Live Coaching

Live Coaching on Business Development and Branding

You are NEVER left behind with LeadKast. Our Trainers are LIVE every week and here to make sure you and your business is set up and branded the right way the first time!

Live Training

Live Marketing & Social Media Training

Our trainers are also here each week with our LIVE Marketing and Social Media Training. We level the playing field and put you and your business in the direct path of potential clients!

LeadKast Comunity

The LeadKast

LeadKast is developing a growing Community of Professionals helping Professionals. The ability to plug into a community that is here for your support is huge in the growth of your business!

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Customized Website & Blog

With the LeadKast custom website and blog you are able to post content, feature homes you have listed, and provide your readers and potential clients valuable information when it comes to buying or selling a home. This is a tool that most people do not utilize or take advantage of. Stay ahead of your competition by providing valuable content to buyers and sellers in your community. Not only will your potential clients love you for it, google will reward you with even more exposure for you and your business. When potential clients are searching on the internet you need to ensure that you are the real estate professional (Realtor or Mortgage) they will find.

Ability To Track All Your Visitors And Leads

Always know where your visitors and leads are coming from. This gives you the data you need so you do not waste time on marketing that does not convert into leads.

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Proven funnel
Proven funnel
Proven funnel
Proven funnel

Proven Marketing Sales Funnels

With LeadKast you can pick from our list of proven marketing funnels and campaigns, make a few edits on the fly…Push a few buttons and be LIVE. We are always testing new FunnelKast marketing pages and as we find new winners we will add them to your back office for you to use as well. As long as you are part of our LeadKast Platform you will have access to any new marketing funnels and campaigns we develop.

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The LeadKast Business Training Center

LeadKast has a full suite of step by step business and marketing training videos as well as archived Live Webinar Trainings. LeadKast makes it easy for the non-technical individuals to launch their own marketing campaigns. It’s as simple as looking over our shoulder as we walk you step by step explaining exactly what we do. These are not your typical hard to follow training videos that only give you 1/2 of what you need! You get it all! On top of all that we host LIVE trainings and LIVE Q&A’s EVERY week so that no one is left behind. Our whole LeadKast Team is here for you and your business!​​

Messenger Bots & Survey Funnels

LeadKast provides the rapid engagement tools that you and your business needs. With our Messenger Bots and Survey Funnels you are able to weed out the window shoppers from the serious buyers and sellers. The most dependable and consistent way to scale your business is through constant targeted lead flow and rapid engagement with those leads. You do what you do best and leave the qualifying and sorting of the leads to the LeadKast Messenger Bots & Survey Funnels.​​​

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Our Proven System

How LeadKast works

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Marketing Campaigns

LEADKAST Takes The Guess Work Out Of Marketing By Giving You Access To Proven Marketing Campaigns That You Can Copy And Use For Yourself.​

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Marketing Tools

LEADKAST Provides You The Proven Tools You Need For Your Business To Be Successful. Tools Like Fully Customizable, Marketing Sales Funnels, Branded Website, as well as Chabots and Survey Funnels For You To Generate Buyer And Seller Leads.​

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Lead Management

LEADKAST Lead Management System Allows You To Stay In Touch With Your Leads With A Click Of Your Mouse Or Use Our Prebuilt Email Campaigns To Automatically Keep Your Leads Engaged!


You could have your LeadKast CRM & Marketing Platform up in a matter of minutes, engaging new potential clients

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LeadKast Services

What We Provide

Weekly webinar training
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LeadKast Live Weekly Webinar Training

You Have Questions? We Have The Answers. LeadKast holds Live Webinars all throughout the week ensuring you are never left behind. Whether you are looking for hands on training to assist you in getting set up and started or advanced marketing techniques to get your lead generation ramped up and going, LeadKast is here for you and your business.