In these changing times there is really only one way to scale your Real Estate Business and that is to properly set up and structure your business online the correct way. Yes, I know….You can go set up a facebook page, an instagram account, and maybe even have a IDX site that has all your local MLS data for all of your potential clients to play on but you are missing 90% of what you really need to be doing.

It’s not about being the good ole boy/gal realtor anymore. Buyers and sellers have more tools than ever when it comes to searching for the home of their dreams to even getting a CMA on the home they are thinking about selling. You MUST be able to stand out from all the other noise in your local market. You can’t just be a Real Estate Agent anymore. You must be a marketing expert. You need to be able to survive in this new age of business and offering the same ole services that all the other agents out there are offering will not get you where you want to be. You must establish yourself as a credible force in your market while building a customer/client base that trust what you are doing want what you have to offer them.

Now I’m not saying that you need to know how to do everything when it comes to marketing and establishing your brand online but you need have those tools in your tool belt. You want that ability to stand out from all the other agents out there that a doing the same old thing. Whether it’s you that learns the tools you need to be a recognized elite Real Estate Professional in your local market, or you have team members that handle the online presence for you, you at least need to understand what needs to be done and why. Having the knowledge of how things work is essential and is what makes you a better choice to work other over the hoards of agents all moving in the same direction. I have heard it said may times before and in may different ways: “I may not know how to do everything, but I surrounded myself with the people that do”….This is the way you need to think. You need to have the knowledge and know how on your team because this is “The New Model For Building Your Real Estate Business”.

When you actually understand the power of the internet and what it brings to the table when it comes to building your business, growing your lead and client base, and scaling your revenues, you will expand the reach of your Real Estate Brand like never before.

Applying we teach can mean the difference in a mediocre Real Estate career and dominating your local market. We give you the framework you need to launch your Real Estate Business quickly, easily, and with more success than you thought possible.

When thousands of buyers and sellers in your local market turn to the internet to find the Real Estate Services they need….will they find you? “The most dependable and consistent way to scale your business is through constant targeted lead flow and rapid engagement.”

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Lehman Hailey

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Husband, Father, Entrepreneur, Marketing Expert, Realtor, and former Mortgage Company Owner, Lehman is a marketing specialist and enjoys helping real estate professionals scale their business, grow their client base and boost revenues through proven systems. He is the founder of, The New Model For Building Your Real Estate Business.