Once you have established our target market and know who it is that we are wanting to attract to our business we now need to make a decision on the type of site that we are wanting to use. Sales Funnels and Branding Sites are different, but both are necessary tools with the “New Model For Building Your Real Estate Business.” As with any other topic, you will get different opinions when it comes to Sales Funnels or Branding sites. Personally, I think both are valuable assets when building a business that will not only last, but will have the ability to grow your client base and scale revenue.

There are several different marketing methods and platforms out there for us to use, however, using the wrong marketing method with the wrong funnel or website could not only cost you conversions (leads), it could cost you financially in your marketing budget. The squeeze page is the most important page you are going to create. It is the first page you should create in your marketing campaign and the fastest way to collect business partners and leads. A squeeze page is a mini sales page. Squeeze pages are also called opt in pages, splash pages, landing pages, and flycatcher pages.

Squeeze pages are short, to the point, and designed to get the customer to give you their contact information. The information on your squeeze page should grab the person’s attention and get them to give you at least a first name and an email address. A basic squeeze page outline has an eye-grabbing headline, four to six bulleted points, an obvious opt-in, and a tempting giveaway. Squeeze pages are named for their goal of squeezing information out of the person. The goal of the squeeze page is to get your customer’s interest piqued so high that they have to find out what else you have to say.

This is why the squeeze page is the most important page that you will be creating in your marketing campaign. It’s the best way to get a lot of leads coming through the door.

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Lehman Hailey

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Husband, Father, Entrepreneur, Marketing Expert, Realtor, and former Mortgage Company Owner, Lehman is a marketing specialist and enjoys helping real estate professionals scale their business, grow their client base and boost revenues through proven systems. He is the founder of LeadKast.com, The New Model For Building Your Real Estate Business.

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