So let’s talk about a very important topic that every business should pay attention to when setting their business up online the right way, and that is establishing your target market. Listen, what I mean by that is knowing EXACTLY who your clients are… What your clients do…Where your clients hang out? What age range your clients are… You need to know everything there is to know about who your ideal clients are which will give you the ability to get in front of your potential clients with the least amount of effort. Establishing who your target market is the single most important thing you can do for your business and gives you the foundation that is needed to scale . Anyone can slap up an ad, boost a post, or create a video to market online but unless you put that asset you create in front of the right demographics you are fighting an up hill battle and this is what most agents do and why they fail. On the other hand, marketing to the right demographics can allow you to build, grow and scale your business. Like never before places like Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, and others allow you to zero in on exactly who you want to market to unlike the old way of marketing.

And I’ll give you some examples of those in just a minute. The landscape of real estate is changing and changing fast. If you do not adapt to these changes that are currently happening right now, you will be left behind. You will be one of the 85 to 90% of agents that fail in the first 14 months. However, if you set your business up the correct way online and take advantage of the tools that are available to everybody, you could be one of the elite real estate agents in your local market.

Be looking for part 2 of this post coming soon 🙂

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Husband, Father, Entrepreneur, Marketing Expert, Realtor, and former Mortgage Company Owner, Lehman is a marketing specialist and enjoys helping real estate professionals scale their business, grow their client base and boost revenues through proven systems. He is the founder of, The New Model For Building Your Real Estate Business.

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